A note from Brendan 11 June 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I guess I’ve got a good excuse. Maybe even a few. We’ve added a puppy to our household – not another German Shorthaired Pointer, but a rat terrier named Sir Percy – and mom has been busy campaigning my half-sister, Maisie, otherwise known as “Lady May,” to her AKC Grand Championship. She won three Best of Breeds in a row in one weekend alone and now thinks she’s quite something. I’d let her know that I was here first and she’s not all that, but I’m rather an affable kind of guy, and a gentleman, so I won’t pop her bubble.

Just as long as she does indeed remember that I WAS here first.

I’ve been having a good summer. Mom took Lady May and me, along with my biological mother, Tansy, to Pennsylvania for a week-long dog show where I came out of retirement to do a few turns around the ring, and we got to cheer on my half-brother Bentley, who was in some glitzy cocktail-party kind of event called the Top 25. Yawn! He thinks he’s all that, too.

But hey, I was here first!

Not much to report, but I did want to make sure to remind you that if you live in an area where there are ticks, to do a tick check every time you come in from outside as you can get really sick from the illnesses they can transmit via their bites. Most of us have heard of Lyme disease – I’ve even had it! – but there’s another terrible illness out there called Powassan virus that will kill you or leave you with severe neurological impairment. Ticks carry it. There’s no cure. We recently lost a member of our dog show community to it.

So if you’re a dog, don’t forget your tick prevention measures and if you’re a human, spray yourself with insect repellent before going into areas where there are ticks. Do a good tick check every night before you go to bed. They like to hide in places where you might not think to look.

Until next time!


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