Captain Of My Heart


eBook, September, 2012
Setting: New England, 1778

Meet bold and brassy Mira Ashton, queen of schemes and mistress of spunk. She’s got her horses, her string of rescued cats, the freedom to do as she pleases, and enough curse-words to turn the air blue around her. But when dashing Anglo-Irish privateer Captain Brendan Jay Merrick arrives in her New England town to commission her father to build his magnificent schooner, the spirited hellion sets her sights on him… stealing aboard his ship to become its sharpest gunner and its captain’s most outrageous distraction. All’s fair in love and war… but when tragedy strikes, Mira must join forces with her beautiful rival, in a daring adventure that turns the tide of battle and brings glorious victory to the American colonists, the captain… and the lady who has captured his heart.

Praise for Captain Of My Heart:

Captain Of My Heart was featured on the cover of Romantic Times, and was Number 1 on the local bestseller lists as determined by Worcester Magazine.

“In the tradition of memorable sea stories comes Captain Of My Heart, an exhilarating, funny, sensual romance with a love story as tempestuous as the sea. Captain Of My Heart is an unqualified delight. Danelle Harmon delivers a convincing, engrossing, unforgettable romance.” Romantic Times Magazine.

“Prepare for a rollicking good time! Enchanting characters, witty dialogue, superb writing make Captain Of My Heart a thoroughly enjoyable read. I highly recommend it!” Katherine Sutcliffe, Author.

“Spicy, sensual reading at its best… with humorous touches. A winner!” Rendezvous Magazine.