Pirate In My Arms


Setting: 1717 Cape Cod, Massachusetts

When innocent young Maria Hallett is seduced by a handsome English adventurer named Sam Bellamy, her quiet, Puritan life is over for good. Hopelessly in love with the rakish seafarer, she watches from the high cliffs of Cape Cod as he sails off to the tropics to seek his fortune from a sunken treasure fleet. But fate has other things in store for the notorious Sam Bellamy, and when he returns in all his glory to claim the fair Maria of Eastham, it is as one of the most feared and romantic pirate captains the world has ever known.

(Note: Pirate In My Arms is based on a true story. Danelle Harmon actually worked for three years with Barry Clifford and the team that, in 1984, discovered “Black” Sam Bellamy’s sunken pirate ship Whydah — which is still being salvaged from the seabed, today.)

Praise for Pirate In My Arms:

Pirate In My Arms was a Waldenbooks mass-market bestseller, a local (Massachusetts) bestseller, and went into a second printing. Its hero, Captain “Black” Sam Bellamy, won a K.I.S.S. Award from Romantic Times Magazine.

Pirate In My Arms was the recipient of Romantic Times Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Award for “Best First
Historical Romance” for 1992, and was nominated for the 1992 Affaire de Coeur Magazine award, as determined by its readers.

“A fast-paced, romantic tale with a charismatic cast that is sure to please. The author’s knowledge of Cape Cod and of sea-faring gives every scene the ring of authenticity. The romance of gentle Maria Hallett and her simples and the dashing rogue, Sam Bellamy is anchored in historical fact, but Harmon brings their love story to breathtaking life! This one’s a ‘keeper!’ A page-turning swashbuckler you can’t put down!” Penelope Neri, Author.

“A sea lover’s treasure trove of adventure, passion, deep emotions, and dramatic confrontations. You will hear the roar of the waves crashing on a Cape Cod beach, the shouts of seamen in battle, and the blast of cannon as the Jolly Roger is raised above the decks. Danelle Harmon’s debut novel is a rich, swift-moving swashbuckler, guaranteed to satisfy your lust for rip-roaring high seas adventure. SENSUAL!” Romantic Times Magazine.

“Readers who savor novels brimming with sensual, romantic scenes combined with high adventure will find Pirate In My Arms to be a delight. Harmon uses expressive prose to create poignant characters that capture the reader’s emotions. The plot is intriguing and consistently engaging, alive with passion and tales of the sea made authentic by its historical framework.” Cape Cod Times.

“Danelle Harmon skillfully incorporates marine history… Get ready for high adventure. Pirate In My Arms is fast-paced and sometimes heartstopping. It’s also steamy so keep a pitcher of ice water handy.” Rendezvous Magazine.

“Love wins in the end… a captivating page-turner! (4+)” Ann Quetel, Waldenbooks Manager.

“If you enjoy a good read about pirates, don’t miss Pirate In My Arms. An action packed, high adventure story whose characters I will always remember… This is a story you will not likely forget. From the first page to the last, the reader is there.” Inside Romance Magazine.