My Lady Pirate


eBook, October, 2012
Setting: England and the Caribbean, 1805

Maeve Merrick is the undisputed Pirate Queen of the Caribbean. A fierce and fiery she-wolf burned by the treachery of men, she plunders the seas with her loyal band of women warriors. Desiring neither marriage nor love, she wants for nothing — until the sea delivers a handsome castaway with a dangerous secret to her island. Too late, she loses her heart to this sexy and virile charmer… never realising that he’s no ordinary sailor, but a high-ranking British admiral whose return to the Royal Navy could mean the difference between life and death for England herself.

Praise for My Lady Pirate:

Romantic Times Magazine awarded My Lady Pirate a Certificate Of Excellence for “Historical Love and Laughter”, and gave its sexy hero the prestigious K.I.S.S. Award.

The book was a local bestseller as determined by Worcester Magazine‘s Paperback Fiction List.

“Danelle Harmon’s style is as bold and sexy as her unforgettable characters!” Loretta Chase, bestselling author.

“A sexy, rollicking, romantic adventure on the high seas! … An exciting new read from the gifted pen of Danelle Harmon.” Susan Wiggs, author.

“A lively, sexy, humorous, and action-packed adventure that will keep readers rapidly turning the pages. Readers will truly delight in this fast-paced, and uniquely wonderful pirate yarn.” Romantic Times Magazine.

“Winner of several writing awards, Harmon’s fourth seafaring historical romance may be headed in that same direction… The sea-faring adventures and battles keep the reader enthralled as the author takes us through that period of England’s history with the ultimate death of their greatest naval hero of all time, Admiral Horatio Nelson. 4.5 stars.” Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

“Danelle Harmon has once again taken us on a majestic adventure on the high seas. This time we plunge into uncharted waters with the all-female crew of the Kestrel, captained by the Queen of the Caribbean, Maeve Merrick… You’ll love My Lady Pirate!” GEnie Romance Reviews.