The Beloved One


eBook, May, 2012
Setting: Boston, MA, and England, 1775

Wounded in battle, Englishman Charles de Montforte has awakened to find himself in the tender care of a sensuous, sloe-eyed local miss, whose beauty would be a joy he would treasure always… if only their paths had crossed in some other place and time. Charles’ heart is profoundly moved by Amy Leighton’s desperate plight, and her curvaceous dark loveliness and gentle, healing touch are enflaming his desires. But the noble British lord is already taken, though Amy soon lures him away from past loyalties to Crown and
fiancée with a golden, rapturous promise of love happily forever after.

Amy has long prayed for someone special to enter her life — someone who would take her far away from the daily drudgery imposed upon her by a cruel, unloving step-family. Now fate has brought her the strong yet gentle man of her dreams; but the handsome stranger is from an enemy land… and he’s sworn to love another.

Praise for The Beloved One:

The Beloved One is one of those books that I could hardly make myself put down. You know how it is; you are *supposed* to eat and sleep now and then, but you’d much rather be reading! … A desert island keeper… Practically perfect from start to finish, The Beloved One keeps you on the edge of your seat as the plot twists and turns, and leaves you with a tear in your eye. It has a wounded hero to die for, a heroine to admire, and a wonderful cast of secondary characters as well. Who could ask for anything more?… Danelle Harmon is a master at creating heroes that are handsome, brave, and loyal, but also flawed… You might as well buy them both [The Wild One and The Beloved One], barricade yourself into your home, and order a pizza. The Beloved One is really a book to treasure, with the kind of character development that is rarely achieved. If you love it as much as I did, you’ll be glad that there are still two more de Montforte brothers.” Laurie Likes Books/Blythe Barnhill.

“Four stars! Had me turning the pages as fast as I could. I recommend the book.” The Romance Reader/Jean Mason.

“Once again, eldest brother Lucien, ‘The Wicked One,’ decides to play God in the life of another of his siblings, and the results are great. The second in the de Montforte series is an excellent edition with wonderful characters, especially the darling heroine who holds a special place in my heart.” Rendezvous.

“A well-written romance that comes alive… a very fresh story under the talented tutelage of Danelle Harmon due to the realistic Cinderella-like characterizations. Fans of historical romance storylines will want to read this book.” Under The Covers/Harriet Klausner.

“I knew right from the opening chapters that not only was I going to immensely enjoy this book, but that [the hero and heroine] were going to make a very interesting couple. The characters are real and vibrant, with plenty of emotion, sexual tension… A wonderful hero… a perfect heroine… Fantastic sexual tension! A desert isle keeper!” Laurie Likes Books/Kate Smith.

“A really terrific read! A sensational Georgian romance. Danelle Harmon has started her new series about the de Montforte family with a home run that will leave readers looking forward to stories about the remaining siblings. A perfect 10!” Harriet Klausner, Painted Rock Reviews.

“Harmon develops her story and characters with a deft hand. She provides a fine mix of humor, tenderness, adventure, and even a bit of a mystery. I heartily recommend The Wild One to all those who like fast-paced, enjoyable stories with likeable, well-drawn characters. Four stars!” Jean Mason, The Romance Reader.

“Danelle Harmon has a winner here. A page turner. A delightful romp. 4.5 stars!” Affaire de Coeur.

“Characters who shine and a story that enthralls. Four stars!” Kathe Robin, Romantic Times.

“With a compelling plot and fascinating characters, The Wild One is impossible to put down… Readers will be breathless with anticipation for the next installment of this exciting story.” Romance Book Reviews.

“A great story about what a person can accomplish when he sets his mind to it. I can’t wait for the next one. Ms. Harmon has woven together an exciting tale of family and love.” Rendezvous.

“Danelle Harmon gives the reader fresh and crisp plots, interesting situations… and dialogue that is fluid as well as sharp. The Wild One is fun to read and I look forward to the next link in the chain of de Montforte brothers.” CompuServe Romance Reviews.