Master Of My Dreams


eBook, January, 2013
Setting: The Atlantic, and 1775 Boston

Haunted by a tragic past, adamant in his belief that he can never love again, Captain Christian Lord is the Royal Navy’s last hope for straightening out the rebellious crew of HMS Bold Marauder, a.k.a. “the Hell-Ship.” Bound for a Boston that teeters on the brink of revolution, Christian finds that his brawling, unruly crew is just the beginning of his troubles… for also aboard the frigate is a pregnant pooch, an American brat aspiring to be a French whore — and beautiful Deirdre O’Devir, a hot-tempered Irish stowaway plagued by a chronic case of homesickness. Only Deirdre can hope to thaw the ice that guards the captain’s tortured heart… but when Boston explodes into bloody revolution, it may be too late for them both.

Praise for Master Of My Dreams:

“Some of the best descriptive writing you will ever read. Ms. Harmon will gain many new fans with Master Of My Dreams. I’m impressed!”Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

“A fascinating book…! Here’s a romance that has it all: funny, sad, heartwarming, passionate.”Rendezvous Magazine.

Master Of My Dreams made Number 1 on the local bestseller lists as determined by Worcester Magazine.