The Wicked One


eBook, May, 2012
Setting: England, 1777

The head of his noble family, the dark and dangerous Duke of Blackheath spends his time manipulating other lives without giving a thought to finding a wife of his own. Yet Lucien must admit he finds exquisite Eva de la Mouriére most intriguing. What adventurous, red-blooded male would not be intrigued by a flame-haired beauty who appears in his chambers demanding that he make love to her? Certainly this hot-tempered minx would make a delightful bedmate — though surely not a bride.

Eva knows Lucien is the cause of all her current misfortunes, yet he refuses to be humiliated. But the worst betrayer is her own heart. No match for Lucien’s seductive mastery, Eva craves the blackguard as she’s never craved another. She must resist this rogue, but how long can she deny her own passion — or Lucien’s blossoming genuine love — in the face of his scheming family’s successful attempts to force a wedding?

Praise for The Wicked One:

“Provocative!” — Lisa Kleypas.

“Wickedly delightful… a jocular historical romance that uses humor to diffuse the serious undertone of the importance of family in an individual’s life. The lead couple screams passion to the reader while the return of heroes from the previous books adds to the fervor of Danelle Harmon’s enticing tale.” — Harriet Klausner, professional reviewer.

The Wicked One is a fantastic story pairing two very strong personalities who are hiding deep hurts behind their cold, manipulating exteriors. Sizzling is a mild term for what goes on between the two of them. … Highly charged dialogue, the warm and eccentric de Montforte siblings, and the backdrop… all help to weave a tale of excitement and intrigue. [The Wicked One] is fun; it’s romantic; and Lucien is one sexy hero. The writing is crisp and the research excellent; what more can you want? Add this book to your To-Be-Read list; it’s a winner.” — Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today.

“I had great expectations for the conclusion of the de Montforte series, and on this crucial point I was completely satisfied… it’s Machiavelli meets Lucrezia Borgia, and the sparks they do fly.” — Mary Sophia Novak, All About Romance.