The Homecoming


eBook, February, 2023
Setting: Blackheath Castle, England, 1781

It´s been almost two years since Lady Nerissa de Montforte left her childhood home in England to make a life with the dashing Irish rogue Captain Ruaidri O´ Devir, in distant Massachusetts. Now that her powerful eldest brother has cleared the way for Nerissa, once declared a traitor, to return to Blackheath Castle with her husband and child, a wonderful homecoming awaits her.

Or does it?

As Nerissa soon learns, one can never go back to the way things were,and there is one member of her family who cannot find it in his heart to forgive her husband for taking her away from her family and spiriting her across the sea. As things go from bad to worse and tragedy is narrowly averted, can the de Montfortes, headed by the powerful and cunning Duke of Blackheath himself, set things right before it´s too late? Or will Lucien need just a little help from the youngest members of the family as well as a most unlikely – and mischievous – source?