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    • Jewels Of Historical Romance – with Cynthia Wright, Lauren Royal, Jill Barnett, Laurin Wittig, Annette Blair, Cheryl Bolen, Lucinda Brant, Glynnis Campbell, Tanya Anne Crosby, Colleen Gleason, Brenda Hiatt and Kimberly Cates
    • Four Irresistible Rogues – with Tanya Anne Crosby, Lauren Royal and Cynthia Wright
    • A Very Matchmaker Christmas – with Christi Caldwell, Kimberly Cates and Tanya Anne Crosby
    • Lords Of Scandal – with Christi Caldwell, Renee Bernard and Valerie Bowman
    • Romance On The High Seas – with Chloe Flowers, Barbara Devlin, Katherine Bone, Jennifer Bray-Weber, Amanda Mariel and Kamery Solomon
    • Be My Love – with Julie Johnstone, Amanda Mariel, Tammy Andresen, Samantha Holt and Dawn Brower