Taken By Storm


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Setting: England, 1810

Ex-naval captain Colin Lord has had his fill of hot-headed adventure. Now, he wants nothing more than to put his tragic past behind him and pursue his career as a London veterinarian. Heiress Lady Ariadne St. Aubyn is on the run. She wants nothing more than to get the last of a rare breed of racehorse safely away from her wastrel brother before he and every reward hunter in England can catch her. But when the fiery noblewoman kidnaps the dashing veterinarian to oversee the health of her equally temperamental stallion, both Colin and Ariadne find themselves caught up in a wild chase across Regency England in which love, passion — and the Fastest Horse in the World — are all part of the stakes.

Praise for Taken By Storm:

“Will please readers who adore animals. Shareb is an unusual horse and Ms. Harmon allows us into the mind of this arrogant thoroughbred as the future of the humans he favors comes to depend on the stallion’s great heart. Four stars — excellent!” Romantic Times Magazine.

“Told in a variety of voices, both equine and human… evokes both laughter and tears. Ms. Harmon has created another masterpiece, brimming with the sparkling dialogue and memorable characters discerning readers have come to expect from this talented author. Grab hold of the reins and brace yourself for a wild ride!” GEnie Romance Exchange.

“It isn’t often that we get the point of view of a horse in a romance novel. Here we do, and it fits right into the first-rate story. Wait until you meet Ariadne and Colin! Their exchanges are a joy to read. Loved them both. Loved all the animals. Loved the book. Here’s a keeper if ever there was one.” Rendezvous Magazine.

“More than enjoyable and should be picked up by those interested in England, and those interested in a good ol’ romance.” Affaire de Coeur Magazine.