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Variety makes the world go round. Take a moment to complete my survey below and let me know who is your favourite "Harmon Hero!"

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Captain "Black" Sam Bellamy Maria Hallett Pirate In My Arms
Captain Brendan Jay Merrick Mira Ashton Captain Of My Heart
Captain Christian Lord Deirdre O'Devir Master Of My Dreams
Admiral Sir Graham Falconer Maeve Merrick My Lady Pirate
Colin Lord Lady Ariadne St. Aubyn Taken By Storm
Damon, Lord Morninghall Lady Gwyneth Evans Simms Wicked At Heart
Lord Gareth de Montforte Juliet Paige The Wild One
Lord Charles de Montforte Amy Leighton The Beloved One
Lord Andrew de Montforte Lady Celsiana Blake The Defiant One
Lucien de Montforte, Duke of Blackheath Eva de la Mouriere The Wicked One
Sir Elliott Lord Lady Philippa Ponsonby Hatfield The Admiral's Heart
Captain Connor Merrick Rhiannon Evans Lord Of The Sea